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1. Smart agricultural high and new technology
Agricultural high and new technology and equipment; intelligent agriculture, digital agriculture, precision agriculture technology and equipment; agricultural ai artificial intelligence technology and equipment; agricultural soilless cultivation, plant factory, agricultural lighting technology and equipment, etc.; display domestic and foreign high, precise and advanced resources, and lead the international cutting-edge technology.
2. Internet of things and informatization in modern agriculture
Agricultural information communication cloud platform; Internet + agriculture; agricultural cloud computing mobile Internet; agricultural big data; agricultural information processing; intelligent management and control of Agricultural Internet of things; fully intelligent greenhouse controller, soil moisture meter, mobile terminal control transmission system and other information processing technologies; build the most comprehensive display platform of Internet of things and information processing system in China.
3. Plant protection aviation exhibition area
Agricultural aircraft and spare parts, software system, agricultural aviation spraying technology and equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation special products, etc.; agricultural aircraft leasing, maintenance, maintenance, training and other service enterprises, etc.
4. Intelligent irrigation exhibition area
Display intelligent irrigation equipment such as agriculture, horticulture, industrial drainage and irrigation, precision drip irrigation system and accessories, integrated water and fertilizer facilities, irrigation accessories and other enterprise processes to maximize the use value of water resources.
5. Exhibition area of intelligent greenhouse engineering, system and materials
All kinds of engineering materials and control system of intelligent greenhouse; gather biological cultivation technology and equipment such as urban agriculture, sightseeing agriculture and leisure agriculture to share ecological agriculture.
6. Quality, safety and traceability of agricultural products
Agricultural input quality monitoring; agricultural product quality and safety monitoring management, terminal scanning and tracing, real-time image and video monitoring functions, shopping mall payment and logistics distribution, crop growth database and other systems; to ensure that the food safety of the whole people can be traced.
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