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         The 2019 Central Document No. 1 `` Several Opinions on Adhering to the Priority of Agriculture and Rural Development and Doing Well the Work on Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers '' clearly states that it is necessary to cultivate a number of agricultural strategic scientific and technological innovation forces to promote smart agriculture, biological seed industry, heavy agricultural machinery, and green inputs. Independent innovation in other fields. Smart agriculture is an important and indispensable force in China's modern agricultural process, and the direction of future global agricultural development.
        Under the influence of policies, China's smart agriculture, which uses the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things as its main technologies, is a new agricultural production method. As an agricultural industrialization and commerce, Shenzhen, which already has industrial giants such as pesticide formulation giants, fresh retail giants, agricultural finance players, gene agriculture giants, etc., will lead the development of China's agricultural modernization in the fields of technology, finance and industry. To this end, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering, China Association of Quality Agricultural Products Development and Service, China Agricultural Products Market Association's National Agricultural Information Technology Engineering Center, China Agricultural University College of Information and Telecommunications, Zhejiang University School of Biology and Food Engineering, and other units jointly held "2020 China Wisdom Agricultural Development Conference and China International Smart Agriculture Expo. " The expo will promote the application of the new generation of artificial intelligence in the agricultural field, promote the development of digital villages, smart villages, and the agricultural Internet of Things, and promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural equipment industries, thereby accelerating the process of agricultural modernization in China.
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