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1. Permission to visit: Free to industry related persons.
2. Dressing for the visit: All visitors should wear formal clothes, and those wearing slippers and shorts are forbidden to enter.
3. Please pre-register online before May 2020. You will receive our email confirmation after successful submission. According to the information you provided, we will mail you the exhibition visit ticket and "Exhibition Preview" about one month before the exhibition.
4. Visitors need to wait in line to register at the scene, fill in a "visitor registration form" or submit two business cards, and receive the audience badge and "visit guide" before entering the venue. Due to the need to wait in line for on-site registration, friends are advised to perform "online pre-registration" in advance to save time!
5. For groups (more than 10 people), you can enjoy fast registration service. Admission is closed half an hour before closing time.
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